Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spa day!

Did I say I was going to do some spring cleaning? Hahahahahahahaha. Never got 'round to it. Instead I'm getting ready for Spring Break! I decided I needed some time at the spa to get myself ready. Oops! What to do with the 2 year old? Oh well. Let's have a Spa Day at home! BUT FIRST, since some things need to be left to the professionals (see also: waxing), last night I got a sitter and headed out for a new spring haircut. After well over a year of a short, pixie-style cut, I've decided to grow it out a bit. Since my hair grows as fast as bamboo, I figure by June I'll be sporting a nice little bob. We'll see where to go from there. Anyway, it felt so great to get it all trimmed up and evened out. I also got some fun new Aveda stuff to take on our vacay.

Great. Time to start my morning at the "spa." First, I had to line up some Land Before Time movies on the good ol' DVR. Then I set Anders up with a sippy cup and a giant bowl of goldfish. Great! That takes care of the kid.

Next, I got my pedicure/manicure/self-tanner stuff ready. Please don't tell my husband about the self-tanner. We had an incident in Aruba a few years back with some self-tanner that resulted in what he called "permatanned" feet. He hated it. The worst part was my body was a regular deep tan but for some reason my feet were about 10 shades darker. I looked like milk chocolate from the ankles up and bittersweet from the ankles down. But I believe that was a result of 1) too much self-tanner combined with 2) five days of doing nothing but laying out in the intense Aruba sun. Now I use the stuff in moderation and look for products that promise a soft, sheer, glowing, shimmering, hint of buildable color, instead of a deep, bronzed, Saint Tropez look.

Now, onto the pedicure. Wait a sec. The kids have hidden my PedEgg AGAIN. Oh there it is with the Easter eggs. Nice. 30 minutes later my toes are a sweet, springy hibiscus color. While they dry let's do my hands! My hands are the driest spot on my body - something to do with washing them every 45 seconds, I'm sure. So on with the extra thick cream. And finish with a nice clear polish.

Tah dah! Only about 90 minutes of work, not counting having to retrieve emery boards and cuticle sticks from various locations and talking Anders out of applying top coat everywhere, and I look like I've spent a day at a salon. Just in time for Littlefoot and Cera to make it home for dinner.

Happy Spring!


Broady said...

Waxing-- definitely best left to the professionals. A hard lesson learned in college, but it only took once.

Enjoy your spa/beauty day!

Scott Williams said...

I say find a good "wax-at-home" product. Anders would enjoy the interesting noises from Mommy.