Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ten dumb things about me

It's not interesting. It's not provocative. But it's all I got.

1) I don't use fabric softeners.
2) I don't like windy weather.
3) I can't wear wrap tops.
4) My family won't eat casseroles.
5) I love Slatkin's home fragrance collection at Bath & Body Works.
6) I desperately need a pedicure. But I only have time for a haircut.
7) I'm really, really nearsighted. I've needed glasses as long as I can remember.
8) I want to go to Macchu Pichu, Angor Wat, Marrakech and Tahiti.
9) I don't drink alcohol much anymore. Except for Heineken. And margaritas. And good bourbon. And Manhattans. And Campari.
10) I love guacamole, chips & salsa.

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