Friday, April 24, 2009


Change is in the air here at Three's Company. I'm experimenting with blogging over on Facebook. Yeah, I know there are privacy/sharing issues over there, but the short version is I've been spending way too much time on the internet and in the blogosphere in particular. I'm sort of liking the one-stop shopping aspects of Facebook and being able to quickly check what all ten of my friends are doing at once, dash off a quick note and then shut it all down to go play Robo-dinos with the kid. So, yes, I will be writing new posts and they will be on Facebook for now.

No, the blog isn't going anywhere, just in case I decide I love it more and come back to it. Because I'm fickle that way. (Also, because I have to find a way to preserve my earliest blog entries from waaay back at the beginning when I started the blog because we were going overseas for a summer. And I am too lazy busy to read the instructions on how to download a hard copy. Or backup a mirror copy. Or something like that.)

So if you want to read me over on Facebook, leave me a comment so I can friend you or poke you or whatever it is the kids say nowadays.

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fromrobinsonroad said...

I never figured out how to download a hard copy of my blog either... see you on Facebook :) (Libby Santella)