Friday, April 10, 2009

New advertising campaign?

Before going to see Monsters & Aliens with the kids today, I had to make a brief stop at Honda so they could check the tire pressure on the minivan. (Yeah, yeah I know I should be able to do it myself.) While there, Dagny was looking around checking out all the new cars.

"Mom," she asked on the way out, "what do all the Hs on the cars stand for?"
"Well," I said, "they are the first initial of the brand of the car. Can you figure out what the H stands for?"
"I know," she says all excited, "HOTWHEELS!"

And the movie was SO funny. I am Insectosaur!

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Broady said...

Just want to say that the name "Dagny" rocks. I bet it sparks lots of comments in these days of bailouts and entitlement!