Friday, July 11, 2008


Wheeee - weekend is (almost) here! I might get to sleep in until 7:00 tomorrow - at least, I hope so. I'm seriously tired from trying to restore order here. I can't believe how quickly the laundry has piled up on us, especially since we washed everything before we left NC. But all the hampers are full and there are towels everywhere, mocking me. At least the spiders webs are gone.

No matter. It's the weekend!

Tonight (or tomorrow if it's too crazy here this afternoon) I'm grilling chicken, making creamy corn-off-the-cob and roasted peach ice cream. Speaking of corn, waaayyy back in time when I was pregnant with D, almost 7 years ago actually, I lost my taste for a few things: red wine, garlic, onions and, oddly, corn. The garlic and onion love came back mid-way through my pregnancy with A, but the red wine and corn aversion has held up. Until this spring, when the early Florida corn was sooo good that even I had to like it. It seems that was all I needed to get me over my hate because now I'm fine with it again -- at least when it comes to fresh corn. Frozen corn still tastes funny to me (waxy? too sweet? can't put my finger on it. ) and I only like the canned stuff when it's cooked into something else like spoonbread or corn pudding. But sweet, freshly grilled corn? Mmmmmgood.

Red wine though? Bleh*.

*My sister Jenn, who is quite the oenophile, has enticed me to sip various Super Tuscans, GSMs, Barolos over the years. While the initial taste is yummy, the aftertaste still leaves me feeling hot & queasy. Like I said, bleh. Give me a cold Sam Adams anyday.

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Scott Williams said...

Just keep drinking them. It'll grow on you and it's one of the few real pleasures. Drink up.