Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look what the cat dragged in

(The metaphorical cat, that is. Not one of the pack of nasty, yowling, homeless, flea-bitten feline scroungers that hang around our corner, puke on our porch and use our yard for a litter box because those are unwelcome to drag anything into our house. Vermin. We talked to our Cat Lady neighbor (an otherwise nice person with a huge blind spot for homeless cats) and she claims that they "don't leave her yard." Um whatever. We've got pictures. And "evidence" all over the yard. Anyway, lady, you're on fair notice now, so we're going to start capturing and waterboarding them.

This is a more than welcome sight/site on a quiet Saturday morning! Too bad I won't have time to get reacquainted with my obsessions before the kiddos wake up, but now that I know you're back.... I'll see you tonight!


The Doctor's Wife said...

Hey, Trish! Thanks for your comment. The monkey shirt is actually a nightgown and I just got it on sale at Gymboree. You can probably still find it online! Jennifer

sarah j. gim said...

thanks for the mention! glad you found us, and hopefully, will be a frequent stop for your in the future :)