Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This and that

I've only got about 2.5 seconds before all hell breaks loose in the living room but I just had to drop a line about my most relaxing day. A good friend and I have arranged a kid swap this week - today she got my buggers for a few hours and on Friday I'll have her kiddos. So, my morning was spent doing what any sensible mommy with a few hours of free time will -- Solo Grocery Shopping! Wheee! Oddly, my cart ended up with more BOGO bags of chips and crackers and cookies than it would have had the kids been with me. I guess it's easier to say NO! to them than to myself.

The kids were mysteriously well behaved, didn't fight or pick on each other, and (reportedly) ate all their lunch. I got big doting cow eyes from A when I arrived to resume my role as mother/slave pick them up. I never notice how cute and charming they are unless I've been away for a few hours.

Soooo -- tomato sauce is bubbling away, ravioli for dinner tonight and then I'm off for a few hours this evening for a Junior League meeting. I love adult time almost as much as alone time.

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