Monday, July 14, 2008

Last night D wanted to say grace all by herself because, you know, she's a big six year old now and everything. Here's her take:

Bless us O Lord
And these thy gifts
Which we are about to receive
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Apparently she's got her mama's sweet tooth.

We had a wonderful weekend staying indoors avoiding heatstroke. M did make a break for it early Saturday morning to mow the yard, and D and I made it to church yesterday morning, but other than that we stayed inside to play. Heck, if you're spending $500 a month to cool your house you might as well enjoy it, right?

We have to have a new roof put on this week (yay crappy leaking roof!) and we're going to get the attic insulated too so maybe our electric bills will come down into the low 300s or -- dare to dream -- maybe high 200s. We were pleasantly surprised that the insulation is going to be under $1000. We were steeling ourselves for another money-pit expense in the thousands, but apparently blowing a bunch of recycled paper and stuff into your attic is relatively cheap. Compared to say, fixing the roof and repairing the ancient a/c. Even so, in the seven months we've been here, we've yet to have a month go by without an unexpected outlay of $2-3,000. Thank goodness we've been blessed with our Lord's "brownies."

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