Friday, April 04, 2008


Yay Friday! A whole long family weekend ahead! Hurrah! In a perfect world, the kids would sleep until 7:30 tomorrow, wake up in a great mood, we'd get to my favorite Italian market by 9 and they'd have a whole tray of freshly-baked cannoli muffins (think jumbo muffin with ricotta, almond, cinnamon and a chocolate streusel swirl --or just take my word that they are the best muffins in the world), then we'd get some cappuccinos, some juice and head to the beach for a picnic breakfast and kite-flying session.

I'm feelin' my oats this morning, the happy happy result of three consecutive nights of unbroken sleep! (I hope I didn't just jinx it.) Kids, dogs, everyone. Yay!

This morning I actually took the time to put on an outfit, fix my hair and slap on a bit of makeup. Some may view it as a spring cleaning effort, or a celebration of our glorious, brief Florida spring weather, but really I think it's because at the Library on Tuesday night the librarian called me "sir." By mistake. Cause I really am female. Now, I have really short hair, but I've never thought of myself as "manly" looking. Really! M (sweetly) pointed out that it was at the end of a long tiring day, with my getting little sleep for the preceding couple of nights, I had on no makeup, hair was a disheveled mess, and I was dressed in one of my ratty t-shirts with a pair of old khaki shorts and flip-flops. I don't even think I was carrying a cute purse or bag or tote or anything. D and I just rushed off to the library to do the research for her April Fool book report. So. Rather than have my children exposed to anymore guessing games regarding Mommy's sexuality, I've decided to clean up my act and dress like the lady I am. So there, Library Lady!

Plus, you can't help but look cute and girly in seersucker and a little lip gloss, which is exactly what I've got on today.

Have a great weekend!

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