Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cooking away

I've got half of the goodies for my Pay it Forward boxes ready! Woohoo! And it only took me four days to get to it! That would be two days of planning, two of shopping and now today -- cooking. If all goes according to schedule (both mine & A's) the goodie boxes will be on their way to the winners first thing in the morning. The two "easy" goodies are done -- I just have to bake cookies and get everything all packed up.

Have I mentioned that A is now only napping about every other day? And has decided to start "talking?" What a big boy!! Here are some of his favorite vocabulary words:

"meeeeees!" - please
"moh" - more
"cuk" - cookies
"Mah" - my beautiful, wonderful mommy

"meeeeees!" - please
"meeeee" - I (not to be confused with "meeeeees")
"juh" - would like some juice
"Dahhhh" - like my sister D
"gaaaahhhh" - although I won't drink it

"meeeee" - I
"gu" - am going
"dun" - downstairs
"aaaaaaahhhh" - NOW! With or without you!

"meeeee" - I
"bis" - am going peepee (we think he's actually trying to say penis. Whatever. At least he knows where it's coming from.)
"Dahhhh" - on D in the tub
"hahahahahaha" - isn't that funny?!

"play bead" - please let me play with the super-dangerous, major-choking-hazard, must-be-supervised-at-all-times bead set.

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Cindy said...

Yah!! My box arrived! Thank you SO MUCH!! Will you post the recipes sometime? I cannot stop eating that chocolate bark!!

I'll get my give-away going soon, but not until after this weekend. Assuming, of course, I survive our school auction. Ugh!