Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pay it forward.... with Chocolate!

I'm still on Cloud 9 after winning the Grosgrain Garage pincushion Pay it Forward contest! And yes, I do sew... or actually embroider... once in a great while. I'm also campaigning for a sewing machine, so I can start making cool things myself -- although, as I don't really have the "eye" for pattern, color or design, my creations may be for My Eyes Only. We'll see.


As part of my winning, I've agreed to host my very own Pay it Forward. So if you win mine, you agree to host your own. And so on and so on. It's the gift that keeps on giving! As I mentioned yesterday, I'm a decent baker/cook so I've decided to give away a Chocoholic Basket o' Treats! Items may include:

Homemade dark chocolate pudding mix (just add milk),
Dark chocolate bark, and
Decadent double-chocolate cookies

So, please leave me a comment before noon tomorrow (Thurs. 4/10) and I'll announce the winner on Friday! I'd do it earlier, but I'm committed to making a pile of wrap sandwiches for the teachers at D's school for tomorrow so, between grocery shopping, making sandwiches, taking sandwiches and all the other stuff I have to do I know I won't get to it before then.

Good luck!


Cindy said...

OK, here I go again. Will you include recipes??

Texas Preppy said...

County Me in.... I love chocolate!!!