Thursday, April 03, 2008


I'm not an indecisive person by nature and I can be short with people who are. EXCEPT when it comes to decorating our new casa. Maybe it's the fact that we know, God willing, that we'll be here for a very long time so there's no rush to getting things done. Maybe it's that with more than double the sq ft of our old house I can't think of how to fill it up. I do know that part of the problem is that I haven't really found furniture that I love. The formal dining room and living room are all courtesy of Ethan Allen. I found an awesome solid wood kitchen table and chair set at Target (or all places) that are perfect for the breakfast area. But other that, and especially with our new master bedroom, we might as well be living on futons and milk crates. Perhaps I need professional help. But again, there doesn't seem to be any rush.

That said, I have been setting up the kids bedrooms and playrooms slowly but surely. They had all their old furniture (D needs a dresser - still looking for that, this week I want an antique, next week it will be Danish Modern or something) and I found some great stuff at Land of Nod for the playrooms. And just today I was finally able to decide on floor rugs for the playrooms! Whew -- the last hurdle (besides figuring out what to do with the lighting.) Now we'll have comfy, cozy spaces for both of the kids to play in - and for D to use for overnights or whatever in the next few years. M wants to install a chalkboard door between the playrooms - cute idea, great for leaving messages, but we have to wait until A 1) no longer eats chalk and 2) can be depended upon not to color on the walls. Although we'll let him and then I won't have to worry about artwork.

Managed to read this far? Sorry for such a boring post -- sometimes I just need to work things out by writing them down. Also helps me when the packages start arriving to remember what I was thinking when I ordered stuff. Cause honestly, sometimes I just don't remember!

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