Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Must. Post. Soon.

After a frenzy of activity last week: baking up Chocolate Goodies for my Pay it Forward packages, helping with Teacher Treat's for D's school, and finally heading out of town for my Bro's 40th birthday party, it has occurred to me that I've not been posting as regularly, frequently or as lengthily as I'd like. (Although it probably suits you just fine.)

Things will probably get worse before they get better as it is a short week for D at school and I'm heading out of town again (I think) and I still have the normal range of household duties to perform/manage/ignore. Since Tuesdays are our busy day around here, I got dinner ready this morning instead of waiting until after school & swim lessons. This will, I hope, relieve some of the stress of getting dinner ready and on the table while the whippersnappers whine for snacks and I whine back that there are NO SNACKS before dinner and if you ask me one more time I will [insert empty threat]. Hopefully, having dinner PRE-pared will allow me to be the gracious and loving mom I want to be, offering up constructive ways for the kids to occupy themselves for 15 minutes while I boil pasta and not the royal bitch crabby and yelling mom I can be when I'm trying to whip up a healthy interesting dinner in the 15 minutes before everyone dies of hunger and that I highly suspect no one is going to eat anyway. Sigh. Is there an upside to having one of the world's pickiest eaters?

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