Saturday, January 02, 2010

Starting fresh

The first thing I do every new year is purchase a year's worth of the following products:

- fridge water filters
- vacuum bags
- trash can liners
- white vinegar
- baking powder
- Kosher salt
- ground black pepper
- Jet Dry
- notepads - I'm leaning toward these this year, I think, probably
- tape: regular, mailing and masking (on a side note, does anyone know where the kids put my heavy-duty tape dispenser? How can that be lost?!)

Fairly random list, no? However, those are the common, non-perishable household items that I'm most likely to run out of during the year and then repeatedly forget to buy. It is so much easier to remember to buy trash bags when you only have to remember ONCE a year, right?

I'm also totally lucky to have the storage space to indulge this little habit. And I usually get coupons or really good deals on all of these things (notsomuch the fridge filters) so it tends to be a pretty cost effective strategy too.

It's also fun to know that at least one chore is off the list for the year.

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