Friday, January 08, 2010


High tomorrow is 41. Low 31. 60% chance of rain. There is the slight, tiny chance of flurries, but I think we're too close to the water for it to stay below freezing. The kids are praying like anything for snow, no matter how tiny the amount.

It is so rare to be this cold here! Unfortunately, Florida is not really a winter sport kind of place. There's no where to go when it's cold out - parks are out of the question as is the beach. Not that we're going anywhere because of COURSE Anders is sick. Just a chest cold, but enough to keep him home from school. Poor kid. I don't even mind getting up 23,000 times a night when they are hacking and coughing and wheezing all night long. I finally snuck him some illicit Pediacare around 2:30 and he was able to sleep until 7.

Another cozy couch day!

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