Friday, January 08, 2010

Cupcake cabin fever

In a futile attempt to warm up the house Anders & I made cupcakes today! The oven may not do much for warmth, but all the extra pounds I'll put on sure will help. (I really should lay off the baked goods. Maybe when it warms up.)

These are moist rich chocolate (anti-oxidants! yes!) cupcakes with a creamy, butter-less buttercream frosting. So I guess it's really 7 minute frosting, but I made it with vanilla sugar to get the flavor party going. It's thick and creamy and no, it doesn't have that crazy buttercream richness, but it goes awfully well with the chocolate anyhow. And some have toasted coconut, which Anders declared disgusting but that just means there are more for me. The best thing about that frosting was I made it with frozen egg whites that I had on hand. I usually have a lot of frozen egg whites because I use a lot of yolks for ice cream (although I need to lay off the ice cream too). So it's nice to have a purpose for them. These treats might even be relatively healthy. They're definitely low-fat: no butter in either the cake or the frosting; one whole egg in the cake and two egg whites for the frosting. You just have to overlook the 3 cups of sugar.

Oh and don't worry I didn't eat 17 cupcakes. I made a mini-batch so I wouldn't over do it.

Here are some money shots of the frosting, before it got spreadeded (Anders word).

Watch out! You're drooling on your keyboard.

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