Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner: FAIL

It's finally supposed to warm up into the 50s this week! Yay! I am so over hibernating, frozen feet, layering the kids in fleecy blankets and the furnace running 24/7. Our gas bill this month is going to be SCARY, like maybe middle-of-August-a/c-bill scary.

It was also too cold to go anywhere for dinner, and usually we go out on Saturday night or at the very least for brunch after church on Sunday. But not this weekend. As a matter of fact we didn't make it to church until the 11:30 Mass, which was PACKED so it looks like a lot of other families had issues with getting out of bed for the 9:30 service. Anyway, knowing it was too cold to want to venture out, I had carefully planned and prepared delicious, easy, warm meals for us to eat all weekend. And what did the kids eat? Mostly bread & jam.

Friday we had baked ziti. Picked at by Dags, ignored by Anders.
Saturday we had homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese on homemade bread. Dags drank about 2 tsp. of soup, picked her sandwich apart. Anders ate PB on Ritz crackers.
Sunday we had slow-cooked beef brisket. Choice between hard rolls or tortillas with a topping for every palate. Dagny ate about half a tortilla. Anders had a roll.

The Great Homemade Bread Experiment is off to a steady start. I've made honey wheat (kids didn't like) and homemade white (kid tolerated, as long as it is lightly toasted and slathered with jam). I'm going to try a sandwich loaf later this week. Homemade bread does take some getting used to, but making it is way, way easier than I thought and boy, is it FUN. Love it!

Today is Matt's birthday but also Dagny's First Reconciliation at Church, so we'll be celebrating Dagny today and Matt tomorrow (flat iron steaks for us. bread & jam for the kids.)

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gayle weiss said...

Feel better that I'm not the only one with kids that won't eat. Makes me nuts sometimes....