Monday, February 02, 2009

Weirded out

It is so weird being the mom of someone who can allofasudden read. It's been coming for a while now, but I'd say D is officially reading. Everything. She reads what's on TV, she reads street signs, she tried to read my blog! I was typing away at a post and she was pretending to do something behind my computer chair then suddenly she's asking about something I've written. So we had a nice chat about privacy and the written word. (It's all about teachable moments, people.)

We were driving up to a park on Saturday and had to pass thru a Not So Nice part of Clearwater/Largo that has some cheezy/seedy "gentlemans clubs". At a stoplight she asks me what "I I" means. "Eye-eye?" I reply? I don't know. Where did you see it? And she says, "See Mom? What does Fore Play II mean?" Nice. We managed to distract her. This time. So now we're going to map out safe routes to our favorite places where we can avoid difficult questions, at least for a few more years. I am very thankful that the part of Saint Petersburg where we live is free of that kind of thing. I can't imagine what people who live in those areas tell their kids! But just so I can forestall the inevitable, I've also been spending more time making sure that bathroom stalls are graffiti-free (esp. at parks!) because you just never know what people will write. Or (ick) draw.

Tomorrow: Get your guilt on!

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Scott Williams said...

Just tell her it's the Roman Numeral for 2. So they Fore Play twice as much!