Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not as drunk as I look

Contrary to popular belief, Florida has four seasons just like the rest of the world: Summer (April - Sept), Football (Sept - Dec), Winter (Jan), Allergy (Feb - March). My least favorite is Allergy.

I'm not allergic to anything except Live Oak pollen. And while that means I will never die from eating a peanut butter sandwich, during Feb & Mar when the live oaks pollinate I am utterly, horribly miserable. My misery is compounded by my extreme adverse reaction to Claritin which has made me afraid to try any OTC or Rx allergy meds, except for that old standby Benadryl. So for Feb & Mar I walk around in a semi-permanent haze, half-asleep. The alternative is being a sneezy, itchy, drippy mess. What a trade off.

This morning must be the start of peak pollen time because I woke up sneezing, my eyes red and watery, itching all over. To make things worse, I had to schlep both the kids to school and walk the dog through our pollen-infested neighborhood because M is out of town for work today. So two Benadryls and six cups of coffee later, we're pulling up to school and D says "Mommy, did you forget to change your shirt?" And there I was at morning drop off wearing my pajama top -- light blue flannel with brown penguins, thankyouverymuch. With jeans. And, inexplicably, old, beat-up Tevas. (I'm such a HOTTIE.) Combined with my Benadryl-stupor and red bleary eyes I probably looked like I was coming off a three-day bender. D didn't even want to walk up with me. I'm surprised no one sniffed my coffee cup.

The enemy:


Anonymous said...

When we lived in Georgia, they said we had three seasons: Almost Hot, Hot, Still Hot, and Christmas. I think yours are better.


Broady said...

You nailed the FL seasons perfectly!

And I am completely miserable with allergies... and after reading this, realize that live oaks could be the culprit. I need to get tested... especially before we plant that live oak in the front yard that we had planned as a memorial to BD's mother! I am guessing you went to an allergist? I SO need to do tat.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I can't count. Four. Ugh.