Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 random things

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1. I knew I was going to marry M the minute I met him. It was love at first sight!
2. We've been married 9-1/2 years (together for 13).
3. Which is amazing since we are polar opposites.
4. We have two great kids. About half of the time I want another.
5. My kids are also polar opposites of each other. D is the easy one. A is "challenging."
6. I think the hardest part of motherhood is getting kids to eat. A is a very picky eater!
7. I am NOT a picky eater. If it is edible, I will eat it.
8. EXCEPT I hate: olives, okra, eggplant, couscous and (oddly) hot fudge.
9. I'm not so fond of turkey either.
10. I love seafood, blueberries, oranges, tacos, pasta, chocolate (but not hot fudge) and sour cream.
11. My favorite dessert is ice cream & cake. But if I could only have one I'd take the ice cream.
12. I don't eat much candy or cookies though. And when I do, I prefer homemade.
13. I am Chinese-Irish.
14. I was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Jamaica.
15. In Jamaica, we lived in a huge house with my paternal grandparents and about 8 other relatives, plus my mom, dad and 2 brothers. My mom, grandma & I were the only girls.
16. We had a maid, a cook & a gardener. But in Jamaica everyone does, so we were nothing special.
17. I have a live-in maid and cook: ME.
18. I don't like to garden at all.
19. I love to bake. It is like therapy.
20. I'm a blogger. I've "met" many lovely people through blogging.
21. In the next ten years I'd like to: go on a safari, go to Macchu Picchu, and spend a week in the Maldives.
22. My favorite city is Budapest.
23. My favorite island is Aruba.
24. I finally learned to ski this winter. It was fun but scary!
25. I'm terrified of lizards & frogs.

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