Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why I no longer read fashion magazines

I have a hard time relating to fashion magazines, even ones from the UK:

I just don't see the application for something like this in my life. You can't clean in it. You can't cook in it. You can't milk a goat in it (that one's for you Stacey!). You can't pick up legos for the 99,903rd time in one day in it. You sure as shit can't show up at morning drop-off/car line wearing this. I'm not even sure old Gwynnie there can raise her arms.

I think I'll save my £3.50/$5.12/€4. We're a fashion-free zone. Now, if it were the Warm, Cozy & Comfy issue.... you might have me there.


Scott Williams said...

I think you could do all of those things in it! Use your imagination, girl. It's a slippery slope into full-time sweat pants. I caution you...don't go there.

Trish said...

Oh please. You know me - I don't even own a pair of sweatpants. My only sneakers are about 11 years old. I wouldn't want people to think I work out or anything. However, I'm a BIG fan of the ladies in the Nordstrom's jeans dept. Although I draw the line at spending $150+ on BLUE JEANS. All I need are my custom-fitted jeans and my comfy Merrell shearling-lined clogs. And some sort of Kevlar shirt that repels peanut butter.

And don't you think Gwynnie looks terrible anyway? She's not even feeling it.

Anonymous said...

You could definitely NOT milk a goat in it! (Those hideous shoulders would so get in the way. Not to mention the whole "hot" pants in the 15 degree barn thing. Hey, if it doesn't even look good on her, it's sure not going to look good on anybody else!)

That said, most of the time, I'm milking a goat in a jean skirt. ;o)