Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Very good news about my Dad! I'm posting an email from my Mom, because she says it all and says it best....

"Hi To All...What a happy day!!!!!!

We met with the surgeon yesterday who gave us the pathology report: Great News.
Yes, the tumor was large ( about the size of an apple - almost a complete colon blockage); yes, the tumor is cancerous; but it DID NOT extend through the colon wall, it DID NOT invade any other organs and 18 lymph nodes are benign. Praise the Lord!!! The tumor was budding and there is a Crohn's-like inflammation which infiltrated into the sacrum and ureter...But it's inflammation, not cancer.
The surgeon said it is remarkable, amazing...... this is considered a Stage 1 cancer!!!!!!!

There are no words to describe our relief; feeling of joy and gratitude. Thank you for all your prayers through this crisis. And we thank the Lord for His favor on Lloyd. We thank the Lord for moving his hand and seeing us through to this point and for His continued blessing during the next 6 months as Lloyd undergoes chemo. There are still hurdles to overcome but nothing we cannot overcome. So......please continue your prayers. And know that the Lord hears AND answers prayer. Sometimes in the moment all we have is prayer. And we always have the Lord.

Now I'm off to feed that man...his appetite is great and we are trying to put back some of the 18/20 lbs. he lost since early Oct. Cake anyone???? Maybe an apple and cheese???"

Talk about answered prayers!!


Anonymous said...

Three cheers!

Broady said...

Fantastic news-- way to kick off the New Year!