Monday, January 12, 2009

Humble pie cake

It was M's birthday yesterday and for his special birthday dinner he requested baked pasta and homemade birthday cake. No problemo!

I cracked out the Martha and spent an hour baking a marvelous, moist yellow cake. And hours and hours and hours making swiss meringue buttercream. I don't normally make swiss meringue buttercream because 1) it uses over a pound of butter and THAT can't be good for you and 2) it's normally way too warm here for the meringue to cool and not end up melting the butter into a horrid frosting puddle. But all the factors lined up yesterday, including cool, not-too-humid weather and butter being on sale at Publix. So for almost three hours I made sugar syrup, whipped egg whites and beat in the 1lb+ of butter by the tablespoon and voila! the most delectable, light, rich, creamy buttercream.

It was an amazing cake.

Just as I was getting sore from patting myself on the back, I asked D if she liked it. Her reply?
"Well, it's better than Cool-Whip."

Never count on your six-year-old for affirmation.

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Cindy said...

Oh, that sounds delicious! Thank goodness someone told me that Swiss meringue frosting sometimes separates when you mix it before pulling together again or I would have cried. I was making it to frost a wedding cake and was a bundle of nerves about it. You do have a table top mixer (like a KitchenAid), right? I can't imagine the labor involved if you didn't!

Glad to hear over on Figs that you survived your first ski trip! Your husband was a wise man to leave the instruction to professionals. I learned to ski as an adult and got in some of the worst fights ever with my husband, who has been skiing his entire life, over learning before he dumped me in lessons. I think the same with teaching kids. My daughter would never listen to me but would do anything an instructor said. Now she's teaching me. . . .