Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter crazies

Why oh why is January always so nuts for us? I've been on the go (or the kids have) for the whole month. Thus, the lack of regular blog posts.

This week was school registration for D AND for A. If we are lucky, he will be starting pre-school next Fall - three mornings a week. Three mornings in which I plan to do all the things I've been wanting and waiting to do for the last 6 years. Good grief, I love my kids and would do literally anything for them but I badly need some time for myself. I want to go for a swim.

For those following along, here's an update on my Dad: He is recovering from his surgery slowly but surely. He has lost 20-23 pounds - and he didn't really have it to lose! But his appetite is coming back and he's starting to be able to eat more at each meal. He had a PET scan this week (to make sure the cancer had not spread to his lungs, upper-body lymph nodes, basically anywhere above his waist) and he had a port placed yesterday. That is how he'll be getting his chemo in a few weeks. (Scary, so scary, I never thought I'd write those words about someone in my family. I cry just typing it.) He has another surgery this Friday so they can remove a stent they had placed during the initial cancer surgery. So more recovery associated with that, but at least he doesn't have to spend a night at the hospital.

My ILs are here for Grandparents Day at D's school tomorrow, so we've had lots of company. And they brought some lovely cold weather with them so we've been enjoying a brief "real" winter as well.

Busy, but fun.

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