Monday, January 26, 2009

Black hole

Target is my Personal Black Hole for all disposable (and not-so disposable) income. I know I'm not the only person to go in there with an innocent list for maybe $43 worth of stuff and routinely come out having spent $143. Whatsup with that?! I don't even know how it happens. About three times a year I do a temporary boycott of the place just to see how much money I save per week by NOT going in for essential stuff like diapers, wipes, garbage bags and Tide and then, like a zombie, end up buying handtowels, craft supplies, lip gloss, hair stuff, a few outfits for the kids. I figure that the extra money I spend there blows what I could have been saving by buying those essentials* at Publix.

So I'm not going to Target this week. Even though I know they have contact solution on sale. It's a ruse to get me to buy Valentine stuff, I just know it.

I will be strong.

*EXCEPT (and with Target there is ALWAYS an exception) it is by far the cheapest place to buy Diaper Genie refills. I can't wait til A is potty trained! And if you know of a cheapo place to buy Diaper Genies please let me know!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You could always just wrap a dirty diaper in a walmart bag and/or take it to your outside trash and skip the whole diaper genie thing altogether. ;)

Stacey (who had her first two children before diaper genies were invented and still survived!)