Thursday, July 22, 2010

I don't mean to complain, but....

In retaliation for all the time, money and attention we've been lavishing on our plumbing lately the upstairs a/c unit crapped out this afternoon. Good thing it's only 97 today and not 100! (Trying hard to be optimistic here folks.) We haven't needed a/c service in forever... Mr. J usually takes care of minor emergencies (ie clearing clogged drain pipes on the a/c unit) but he's out of town until late tonight. So luckily I got someone to agree to come out tonight... the first place I called couldn't make it until MONDAY morning. I know it's your busy season and all... but COME ON. Monday? Really?

Note to future self: Add "updated plumbing, electrical and a/c" to my list of requirements if we ever move again.

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