Friday, July 16, 2010


We've been swimming 'bout every day this week. And no, not in our leaky old house. At real pools with friends and stuff. It's niiiiiiice because it is really, truly, I kid you not too hot to do anything else outside, including weeding my weedy garden of weeds. At least the weeds are green, thus giving the impression, at least from half-a-block away, of a lush expanse of lawn. Up close? Notsomuch.

In other riveting news, I've been round the block with T-Mobile because, while my phone is pure 90s, I don't think my ringtone has to be -- I'm more a classic rock girl (I'm also more of a 80s new wave girl, but I am having a terrible time trying to find "Charlotte Sometimes" by The Cure.) ANYWAY I'm thinking something cool like the gong sound from the beginning of "Hell's Bells" or a snippet from "Over the Hills and Far Away." But it turns out that although T-Mobile SAYS my phone can download ringtones, I have to pay an exorbitant price to them and they still can't guarantee it will work because my phone's browser is old, old, old. It might as well be a Tandy. Time for an upgrade? Eh. Not yet. Guess I'll live with what I've got.

Next week stay tune for the update on Anders' wild Birthday Bash 2010. These 4 year olds are going to throw down!

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