Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If I had a million dollars....

I would so totally redecorate. Ok, maybe not everything, but almost. Like 93% of the house. The rugs. The upstairs curtains. Every blessed thing in our bedroom. The dining room*. I'd replace the horrible ceiling fans and definitely the "period" light fixtures in the dining room. I'd repaint. Redo floors. New kitchen. New indirect overhead lighting. Retile bathrooms. Oh, and I'd DEFINITELY put in a pool and nuke the entire garden. I'd keep the new downstairs curtains, the cute black demilune in the living room, the porch furniture, the awesome gas grill, the dining room rug, the kids' bedroom/playroom furniture and the TV/media console. I'd probably keep my new little front window sofa, but only because it is so cute and comfy and I fit perfectly on it when I want to lie down for 5 minutes.

And I'd buy all new stuff from here.

Check it:

Sideboards (see above, for office, and below, for dining room)

New dining room chairs
Office desk

King size, please

Cabinet for dining room

Dining room table

See their site for more drool-worthy goods.

* Well, maybe our current dining room might stay. It is very pretty and I still like the "British Colonial" look, but I think it worked a lot better in our old bungalow (which was a very feminine house) vs. our prairie style home (which has lots of horizontal lines and is sort of a masculine house). Does that make any sense or am I just overtired?

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