Thursday, November 05, 2009

Have or have not?

If you have....

... a house like mine then you probably vacuum every day too!

... a son like mine then you've left the house with him wearing blue plaid shorts w/ a brown & orange striped shirt that he proudly put on "ALL BY MYSELF" because you'd rather him be independent than suggest he change.

... a daughter like mine then you aren't surprised that your nightstand drawer is no longer carefully organized but instead is stuffed to the rim with stories, books, drawings, artwork, and tiny clothespin sculptures. Most are tagged with loving homemade notes, like: "For someone special like you!" or "You sparkle all the time!" Anyone seen my glasses?

... a husband like mine then you don't receive surprise bouquets of flowers, but he will bring you surprise tacos from your favorite taqueria (even though he hates the place) because he can tell how utterly worn out and exhausted you are.

... a bathroom cabinet like mine then you have more cold medicine, Children's Tylenol, bath toys and toilet paper than cosmetic items.

... a family like mine then you now how much you are loved despite everything that may be going on in your life.

I've been light on posts this week. Anders was down with a terrible, terrible case of bronchitis. One week of antibiotics, breathing treatments, no sleep (for either of us), high fevers and worry! But he tested negative for flu/H1N1 so at least it's "just" bronchitis.

Have a great week!

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