Friday, October 30, 2009

Breakin' the law

Yesterday I broke two of my own personal do-or-die laws: 1) never EVER EVER EVER buy a bag of Halloween candy that includes Reese's PB cups and 2) never EVER EVER EVER open Halloween candy a minute before we see the trick or treaters approaching the door.

Both laws were enacted in 2003 after I ate a whole bag of mini Reese's cups by myself in one dark mid-October week. Since then, for my safety and well-being, our H'ween candy has mostly been Snickers & Kit Kats, neither of which I like and am not tempted to eat. And we usually wait until the actual day of Halloween to buy any candy. And we don't open it ahead of time.

But yesterday in Target I had to buy candy for the kids' school Halloween party. So I figured I might as well get our trick-or-treat candy too. And so I grabbed about 8 of those huge (on sale) assortment bags not realizing they had PB cups in them until I got home and unloaded. I should have got right back in the car and returned them. Because OF COURSE as soon as Anders was napping, I popped that bad boy open.

And yes I practically mainlined 4 PB cups in a matter of minutes. I haven't had one since about Valentine's Day and they tasted mighty good. Now I need to dig deep into the musty corners of my mind and try to find my will power for the next 36 hours.


kari said...

maybe have the kids hide them from you and Dagny write down where she hides them, just in case she forgets when the trick-or-treaters come knocking

Anonymous said...

Dad would say just eat all of the
PB cups and be done with it.
I say eat enough to satisfy the craving and don't feel guilty. Halloween will soon pass by and the candy can be stored, given away or tossed....mama

Debbie said...

I say make those yummy homemade peanut butter cups and invite me over. I'll dress up as anything you want me to.

Scott Williams said... took you a week to eat the takes me minutes.