Monday, November 09, 2009

And I walked barefoot to school....

I'm not sure when I became tech-challenged. The list of new, cool, techy gadgets we DON'T have is getting longer every day. Soon we'll be hopelessly out of touch with the modern world. I used to buy every new gadget that came on the market. I don't remember when or why I stopped. Probably right after I bought an iPod (original white, click-wheel, b&w screen, no video, 20GB) and an iMac 6 years ago. Other than upgrading to VoIP phone service and purchasing a LCD TV, we haven't done much since then in the way of tech updates. We're even using our old Sony "surround sound" system I got Matt for Christmas 10 years ago. But we never got around to hooking up the speakers, so it's not really surrounding anything. We use it for the DVD player. (No fancy Blu-Ray for us! We're not even sure what that is!)

And I feel about texting the way my parents did about answering machines and ATMs. I remember thinking how totally crazy it was that they didn't use either (although they do have an answering machine now) and how could they get by without them, blah blah blah. But THAT is exactly how I feel about text messages! Will our kids look at us as completely crazy and out of touch because we don't text? Will they try to teach us one day? Will I start missing out on important information because I don't use text messages? Or worse, will they?

I don't even have a phone that CAN text. Or take pictures, surf the web, Google or IM. It just makes phone calls. It's older than the kids and it can barely hold a charge, but I also don't use it that often so I only care for about 78 minutes a month.

My digital camera maxes out at 2 MP and is the size of a PopTart box. I also don't use Twitter and I gave up on Facebook a month ago because it was too hard to keep up with. We don't have any "game systems" although I did buy Mr. J a plug-n-play video game set for our anniversary. It has PacMan, Super PacMan, Galaga, DigDug, Rally X and Pole Position. The kids laugh at the graphics, the "easy" games, and play Pole Position whenever we let them.

But maybe the time has come for us to reconsider our stance, particularly on the phone issue. A weekend or so ago we were our somewhere as a family and I remember looking at Mr. J and saying "I wish we had a iPhone so we could take a picture of the kids" and then we laughed and said "oh, we'll remember this!" But I've already forgotten.


Anonymous said...

I like the simple life. I like to shop and not have my thoughts interrupted by Sue telling Jill how horrible her date with Jim was on Friday. I like to feel free to walk down an asile and not be startled by someone talking loudly and wondering if they are talking to me or someone else ( once while I was picking out cereal and intently looking at different brands someone close to me said in an unpleasant tone," well then what kind should I get?" I whipped around to look at her and then realized she was "talking" to that unseen someone). I like to drive on the roads and not have to worry if Alice is going to "drift" into my lane because she is on the phone and seems to be angry over something being said to her. I like to shop at Home Depot and not have to hear how the contractor left debris all over the pool area and is 2 weeks behind schedule.
True, I do not text, can not text and probably will not text. If I want to talk to you I will call you, email you, or write you;sadly writing is a lost art. Let's slow down, take a deep breath, appreciate this very moment that we have - it's gone in an instant and was very precious.
I like the simple life....mama

kari said...

We also live a relatively low-tech life. In fact, we might rival you for being "out of touch."

We do have a mini-ipod (6 GB), bought after yours. So does that make it higher tech because it's mini, or lower tech because it's 6 GB?

We also have a Mac from '05, I think only one year newer than yours and one inch bigger. Oop, but I just realized that your Mac died and now you have a new one...So you beat us there. Or we beat you. Wait, what contest is this, for low-tech or high-tech!

No laptop here.

I don't know what VoIP phone service is.

Not only do we not have and LCD TV, we have a tube TV from '98 and have had no cable for 7 years. (I estimate that saves us 3-4,000 dollars.) So nope, no surround sound with the tube TV! And no DVR. Thank goodness that shows come on the internet. And we do have internet, even high speed. (Debbie's classes are online!)

We also have a DVD/VCR combo, so we can even record shows the old-fashioned way!

I'm pretty sure that your phone can text, but only the old-fashioned way, where you have to scroll through each letter to get the right letter that you want. I have texted maybe twice. Not a pretty sight. Pretty sad since all my cohorts can do it. My phone is also five years old, so it's starting to get.....shall we say....noticed. :) I'm with you, not sure that I'll ever text. Definitely don't have the "plan" for it, as my plan has also not changed in ten years. No pics on the phone either, obviously.

Oh, and Deb doesn't have a cell phone. So every now and then I think it would come in handy. Like yesterday, I knew she was stopping by Publix on her way home. So on my way home I tried to time it, go by and shop with her. But her car was nowhere to be found in the parking lot. I circled the aisles to make sure and started to pull out onto 38th to go home, when she pulled in! Without that great timing, I would have liked to call her and see where she was! (I also estimate we have saved at least 3-4,000 on cell phone bills since knowing each other).

The digital camera is where you've got us, or we've got you, beat. Although now with the D90 out, even I can't keep up with over 10 MP. But who can?

Nope, no game systems here.

And wait a second, I saw you on FB last night! So we tie there!