Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving thanks -part 1

The other night at dinner Dagny asked me if she was lucky. I quickly replied "Of course!" Then I realized that I had an important moment to explain to her just how lucky she really was and as I proceeded to do so I realized how much she (and we as a family) have to be thankful for.

First, that all of the kids grandparents are healthy, vibrant and important presences in the kids lives. They are the source of so much fun, wisdom and stability in our lives. I love to see them with the kids and I love to hear the kids talk about them. I was very close with my grandparents and I am overjoyed that my kids have the same opportunity.

Second, that in these scary and worrisome times that Matt's job has been relatively stable. We do not have to worry about food, housing or the electricity. What a blessing!

Third, that I am able to be home with the kids. Even on days when they drive me insane, or they watch to much TV, or everyone declares that they aren't eating dinner. I am happy to be here each and every day for them.

Fourth, that we are all healthy. I have a friend with a chronically ill child. I pray for her and her family almost every day and thank God that my children are healthy. I will take nothing for granted!

Fifth, I am thankful that sometimes the biggest decision I make all day is what to make for dinner. Not that I'm incapable of big or hard decisions (au contraire!), but I am grateful to the bottom of my soul that my life is pretty darn worry free.

And I have to throw in here that we should all be thankful that we are lucky enough to be American where, regardless of your stance on current events or the state of our Union, even those with the least among us are better off than 90% of the world.

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