Friday, August 28, 2009


First week of school is OVER. In numbers, that's 4 lunches (today is a half day), 8 snacks, 2 tries at getting new school shoes for Dagny, 3 very relaxing mornings, if you count cleaning, cooking and running errands relaxing. (I do.)

Things that have gone easier than I thought:

  • Getting up at 5:40 a.m. - my clock just seemed to reset itself
  • Anders using the bathroom at school
  • Homework (so far)
  • Making snacks - they both love fruit, so this has been easy. But we're about to see the last of the melons 'round here.
  • Getting everyone out the door at 7:40
  • "Big kid" carline

Things that have been harder to do than I thought:

  • Lunches - aargh! Why can't my kid eat sandwiches like everyone else?!
  • Getting chores done while Anders is at school - I'm used to taking my time (or not doing them at all)
  • Getting to bed earlier
  • Finding uniforms/shoes/socks that fit Dags - we still haven't found shoes that fit. She's wearing her shoes from Kindergarten still

Anyhoo. Our fall activities will start soon - sports, Brownies, etc. This will be my first fall without swim lessons since 2005. Since Dags learned to swim this year she opted to do ballet instead. We have a complimentary class tomorrow morning to see if she likes it and then we can go from there. She might do some tennis too, but not until it cools off a little. Anders fall activity is Hanging with Mom. We've been having fun playing games and doing puzzles. We play Indiana Jones for hours! He is too young for any organized sports and declared he "wasn't ready" for swim lessons. I learned my lesson with pushing the pool on Dagny, so I told Anders he could wait until the spring session to start. NO WAY am I going through months of crying and carrying on and wasted time again. Dagny waited until she was good and ready and then just did it on her own practically. She's a fish now.

Now I'm counting down the days until Football Season starts and the weather cools off a little. And by the way..... How 'bout them Gators?!

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Debbie said...

I, too, am having trouble getting to bed earlier. Summer habits are hard to break. I bet a lot of families have difficulty adjusting. By today some of my kids who are normally sweet seemed a little cranky and tired. We all need a good weekend of rest!