Sunday, November 04, 2007

Somebody watching me?

We have a double corner lot, so our realtor hung two signs: one in front and one on the side. We've had lots of traffic in the last two days. It's a weird feeling to see people -- strangers -- cruising slowly by and ogling us. Guess we better stop walking around in our underwear. Maybe to pique interest we'll walk around nude! Hah! Just kidding. No one wants to see us nude. Not even us.

On our realtor's advice, we bought a new, modern ceramic-top range. (Hey, buyers -- I hope you appreciate that!) Sears delivered it at 7:45 am today, Sunday. Thank goodness for the time change. Seconds, literally, before they arrive D prances out of her room nude (NUDE! There's more nudity for ya!) and asks if she can wear her bathing suit. Ooh. Bad timing sweetie. Mommy is sorry she snapped at you but the delivery guys were pulling up out front. Next time ask BEFORE you take off all your clothes. Also? Probably not on the first really chilly day of the year. It was probably in the low 60s last night. Heaven. It's 10:30 and the a/c hasn't kicked on once! Hallelujah!

Welcome Fall!

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