Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend plans

We're off to Llubjana, Slovenia today for a weekend trip. We got some good recommendations on what to see and do (and eat and drink) from a law school friend of M's who is Slovene and spends a lot of time there. It ought to be a great weekend. I'm looking forward to getting out of Pristina anyway.

We had a nice dinner last night with some American friends. The restaurant was very local, very Albanian. They have neither menu or price list, they just show up at the table and start rattling off what they've cooked for the night. M had baked lamb and I had a delicious veal/chicken kebab with some spicy vegetables. D had a chunk of bread, 3/4 of an apple with Nutella and a sugar cube. I just can't get her to eat anything anymore. I worry about malnutrition, scurvy, what if her brain stops developing, but it's only for a few more weeks and then I can stuff her arteries full of transfats and processed meat again. Hahaha just kidding, she's always been a pretty good eater - broccoli, carrots, fruit, etc. - but lately she's just stopped. We'll get back to normal once we get back home. I'm hardly an example of healthy eating myself.

We get back Monday afternoon from Slovenia and then leave early Tuesday for a week in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. M has a big meeting there and we're tagging along. It ought to be interesting, the weather should be nice, the Lake is supposed to be beautiful, I've heard the shopping is decent, they say there's a lot of historic sites there. That's a lot of "ifs" and "maybes," but that's life in the Balkans - a plate of conjecture, with a dash of hearsay and a side of practical advice.

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Janis said...

I just caught up on your blog this morning -- was pretty busy all week with work - yuk. Taking the day off today.
Despite the snags, it really sounds like you're enjoying your time in Pristina. What a great experience. I guess I'm a bit jealous, only because you're getting to spend lots of time just concentrating on your family! Have a great weekend!