Sunday, June 05, 2005

Things I never thought I'd say - part 1

Here are some I'd never thought I'd say, but have in the last two weeks:

"The clothes dry quicker hanging on the front balcony."

"Who wants chocolate pudding for breakfast?"

"Would you like to watch another video?"

"Hey, that's the door where I hang my towel!" (No hooks in the bathroom.)

"Sit down while the car is moving!"

"It's sunny today - let's do laundry."

I'm sure there'll be more over the next few weeks.

On a down note, the highly anticipated care package got caught at the border. Customs will not permit any medicines or food products - not even M&Ms. Boo! Now we're at the mercy of the local pharmaceuticals. Like the "Tretesire fiziologjike" (we were supposed to put that in D's nose to help the stuffiness) or the "Sirup od jagorcevine," which is supposedly a cough syrup/expectorant, but the box just has pictures of wildflowers, no ingredient list and no English instructions at all. If anyone reading this is fluent in Albanian and can interpret medical terms, please drop me a line.

Beautiful weekend though. We found a faux-American BBQ place called the Saloon and Steakhouse. They featured the usual suspects of grilled fish, salads, curries and a mixed bag of Italian pasta dishes, along with BBQ chicken and ribs. We were highly suspicious of the ribs, but took a chance on the chicken. It was what BBQ would taste like if you were trying to describe it to someone who's never had it before. The most unusual thing was the side of potato salad - the potatoes were mashed with tons of herbs, shredded carrots and green onions. No dressing or sauce though. Not my fave, but M liked it.

Another decent night's sleep so we're all feeling much better today. Hopefully we won't have any other setbacks this week and will get to do some more traveling over the next few weekends.

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