Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chilling out

Rain. 49 degrees today. And rainy. Did I mention it was cold? And rainy? Is it really June? D and I are totally stir crazy. Three days trapped inside. Today when M left for work we took a taxi with him down to the Bakery at the End of the Road (BER). Normally we'd walk. But not in 49 rainy degrees. D & I split a cherry pastry and a box of apple juice. The BER people think D is the cutest baby, at least I think that's why everyone who works there pops out to pinch her cheeks whenever we come in. They even point her out to other customers who responded likewise. At least D no longer shrieks and runs from all the pinching and cheek-kissing. Now she just shrinks back as much as she possibly can and then, when she can go no further, stands their stoically. All my Stranger Danger training is out the window for sure.

The BER is the nicest, cleanest bakery within walking distance. Their stuff is good, fresh, identifiable. They have a nice clean refrigerated case with juices and yogurt and a coffee vending machine - regular, espresso, with milk, extra sugar. All sorts of fresh breads, soft pretzel-type things and sweet rolls. It's sort of a Pristina Panera, without the bagels. Don't get it confused with Cafe Boston right next door though. They're more of a real coffee shop that serves cakes, baklava and towering, whipped-cream intensive pastries. They're also open in the morning, but here the morning coffee ritual is reserved exclusively for men. The one showing D and I made was very awkward. All these middle-aged men openly staring, clearly hostile, wondering what some Amerikana chick and her kid were doing in the middle of all their manliness. You don't have to speak the language to understand.

Since we're having an indoor week, I'm thankful I brought D's favorite DVDs with us. I'm also thankful for my iPod. What are we listening to? Thanks for asking. Lo Fidelity All-Stars, Massive Attack, PJ Harvey, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack and the Wee Sing 25th Anniversary Celebration are currently in heavy rotation. I have to resist listening to Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) more than once a day though. It makes me all nostalgic for the stuff that we used to dance to in college. (Y'know what I mean Lisa?)

Gotta go crank up the heater now.

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