Monday, June 06, 2005

Rainy days and Mondays...

...always get me down. Rainy and cold today. Everyone says it's just like that here. You'd never guess it was June. We had a very low-key weekend while trying to recuperate from the cold bug that's got all of us. D has chest and throat problems, M has nose and chest and I'm throat and nose. So we've pretty much covered all the bases. Saturday we had dinner at a friend's house. They've been here for over a year so were able to track down goat cheese, Brie and hummus for appetizers, a bechamel-sauced lasagna, apple pie and chocolate covered strawberries. The conversation was lively, even with M & I zoned out on cold medicine, and D had several little friends to play with. A nice way to spend a Saturday night. All the men ended the evening with the fine Balkan tradition of downing shots of potent fruit liquors - slivo and homemade pear brandy. Sunday we stayed inside all day and rested, then capped off the weekend by going to Ristorante Pinnochio - home of the only reliable steaks in Pristina. It is up on Dragodan Hill, which overlooks the city, so the air was clear and we had a gorgeous view of Pristina and the surrounding hills.

We were inside all day today because of the rain. It would've been nice to have access to a car, but then again, where would we go? M brought some balloons home at lunchtime which helped to occupy the afternoon hours. Thank goodness D is back to taking regular naps (helped along by cold medicine, of course). I may start taking them myself.

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