Friday, August 20, 2010

So long summer

The kids go back to school Monday. Talk about bittersweet. I'll miss sleeping-in, staying up late, playing games after dinner, no homework, not having to pack snacks & lunches, swimming every day, playing with kids, watching the kids play, and, in general, the slow and easy pace of summer.

But on the other hand (or as Anders says, "hold the other hand!"), there are some things I'm looking foward to:
  • Cooler weather (we can pretend it's just around the corner, even though it will be October before we see mornings not in the high 80s)
  • Electric bills under $500
  • Wearing jeans again (I love jeans. I don't wear them in the summer unless I'm visiting family on their dairy goat ranch in the middle of the prairie. Too hot & sticky.)
  • Sweaters.
  • Boots.
  • Jeans with sweaters and boots.
  • Five mornings a week to clean, organize, exercise*, get crafty, read, cook, bake - WOW
  • Cafe con leche and a slice of toasted, buttered cuban bread for breakfast
  • Fresh veggies from the CSA
  • Sitting on the porch in the evenings
  • The new season of Amazing Race
  • Anders starting t-ball
  • Soups, chili, roasts, stews and getting back to baking my own bread
  • Planning for the holidays
But my very, very, very favorite thing about fall? Heeeeeeeeere come the Gators!!

Football!! Any football, but mostly Gator football. And SEC football. And maybe Denver football so I can watch my boy Tim Tebow play with the grown-ups. I picked up Gator tees for the kids when we were in G'ville a few weeks ago, so now everyone's ready for the season! (Now picture those same stands filled with orange-and-blue clad fans. LOVE IT.)

*Yeah. There. I said it. The "e" word. Mr. J and I have a pact to exercise and eat healthier. I can't believe I'll finally have the time to do it!

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