Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One step forward, one step back

Well the plumbers did a fabulous job! They got everything hooked up, they cleaned up* as best they could and we now have totally new hot & cold water pipes! Woohoo! Unfortunately due to the tight crawl space, general lack of wriggle room and other issues they ended up crushing or displacing a good bit of the duct work under the house. Inevitable? At least they told us about it and repaired what they could. But we'll have to get the a/c guys out here next week. After, that is, we get the humongasaurus dead tree limb hovering over the roof taking out.

Never ends 'round here.

* Service companies! Listen up! It would be awesome if you had a clean up team that could come in after particularly messy jobs to clean up the house after your fixit job is done. The last thing I wanted to do after three days of having plumbers crawling under my house and dragging tons of grit, dirt & debris through my kitchen, hall & foyer was to clean, vacuum & mop. I would gladly have paid a bit extra (what's another couple hundred when you just spent multiple thousands?) for that service just so that I could get to the store tonight. But instead I spent two hours mopping and the kids are eating frozen pancakes. Sigh.

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