Saturday, April 17, 2010

Their loss, my gain

Mr. J is out of work! He lost his job on, no kidding, April Fools Day. At first he DID think it was a joke - enough so to ask, "Is this for real?" but alas, it was.

We're OK with it though. The managing partner was totally squirelly and was making life hard for Mr. J and the other non-equity partner anyway. So we've spent the last few weeks finding a good search firm, redoing his resume and hanging out A LOT with the kids. If you're going to lose your job you might as well do it during primo beach weather.

Also? In the last 2 weeks he has cleaned windows, hung curtains, watched the kids for hours while I run errands and, today, he's putting up the F-E-N-C-E!! At long last! So I can't say I'm totally sorry he's out of a job. At least for now.

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