Friday, April 16, 2010

On second thought....

I don't want to know how those "supermoms" do it all... then I could no longer claim ignorance.

There is an article going around from Yahoo! News about "why we can't do three things at once" which was clearly written to make my husband, personally, feel better about himself.

It has nothing at all to do with Moms, or I dare say, parents in general whether you are a mom or dad. If you have a kid you had BETTER be able to do a lot more than three things at once. Not that I'm saying you always have to, but in crunch times? Like right now as I blog in 3 minutes of "downtime" before I have to race out the door to school, while I supervise the kids putting on their backpacks, referee their argument about mechanical pencils, stop Dagny from trying to eavesdrop on my post, and I do a last minute check to make sure no one has toothpaste on their face, has brushed their hair and, dear God, am I wearing a bra? Yeah. I'm multi-tasking.

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