Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three more days!!

Liberty of London at Target opens Sunday....I'm so excited! I'm stalking the Targets in the area today to try to guess who is going to have the best selection:



Anonymous said...

i am actually planning my Sunday morning around this launch. I plan to get to Target by 9am and get the first picks before the masses get there. I want that bike and I hope the sundresses are of good quality!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I like the bike (I love retro looking stuff like that), but I'm going to be a "wet blanket" here and suggest that if you plan your Sunday around God, rather than around shopping, ultimately, you'll be a lot happier about it. What's the worst that could happen? :)


lisagh said...

Those wellies alone would make it worth the 2 1/2 hour, across the border drive for me! Love it all.

Trish said...

Hi Trish! Found you via QBS & from one Trish to another, you've got great style! Love all your Liberty of London picks! I'm following you now. :)