Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm dreaming of....

Spring fever! After this long, cold-for-Florida, damp winter I'm ready for some spring sunshine. It's finally warming up during the days and I'm thinking our house might just break into the 70s this week! Yay! Soon I'll be complaining about the heat and the a/c and our horrendous electricity bills, but for now I'm enjoying the moment and loving the beautiful weather.

A few things on my mind for Spring:

1) Iced tea
2) Limes! Limes! Limes!
3) Angel food cupcakes (on my to do list as soon as Lent is over)
4) Lounging on the porch
5) Homemade granola
6) Fresh cut flowers for the house
7) Spring cleaning the closets
8) Getting out the warm weather linens and packing away the down comforter
9) New swimsuits for everyone
10) Picnic breakfasts at the beach


Anonymous said...

Your list sounds heavenly. Especially the limes. I am craving limeade made with brown sugar... yum!

Trish said...

Oh I adore your list! Those angel food cake cupcakes sound absolutely divine!!