Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's for breakfast?

NOT BAGELS! The story....

At 5:16 a.m. I was jarred from sleep by a huge, explosive burst of white light and the most enormous thunder clap. Seriously, it sounded like a car had fallen on the house and exploded. In 2.8 seconds Anders was up and in my arms shaking and crying (he hates lightning & thunder). I got him tucked into our bed where he dozed and played and talked for the next 90 minutes until I deemed it time to get up; mostly after I heard him muttering "who's going to play with me? no one. no one wants to play with me. everyone just wants to sleep."

Soooo.. we come downstairs and it is early-ish, dark and dreary and rainy. Anders loves loves loves to bake with me so I think, "mmmm. Let's make fresh, hot bagels! perfect!" Or not so perfect. The heat & humidity must have killed my yeast, because I tried to proof 3 packets and not a single one of them got going. Bummer.

I am taking this as a Sign to kick back, pour myself a jumbo mug of hot coffee and go play Indiana Jones with my sweet boy. And maybe go out for bagels later.

*Lizard Standoff Day 6: No lizard, no body. My Mom informed me that lizards are very good at withstanding hostile environments and extreme temperatures and that maybe, just maybe it might still be alive in the MomMobile. But not to worry cause it's probably pretty weak by now and won't be moving fast. I haven't moved my visors in 6 days (and doubt I ever will again) because I'm positive that it has crawled up behind there to wait/die and when I flip it down it will fall into my lap. And yes, I really do think that.

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Debbie said...

That's so funny because when I woke up on Saturday, I also wanted to make bagels... and never got to it. Didn't that happen to us a little while ago? Craving to make the exact same, not-so-ordinary thing on the same day? What was it?