Thursday, September 10, 2009

Standoff - day 4

Still no lizard. No body either. As Pooh would say, Oh Bother.

Anders and I went here for our playground time today and had an excellent time - beautiful weather, REALLY nice playground,* great observation tower overlooking Boca Ciega Bay and we had an awesome time pretending we were jungle explorers on the boardwalk. Every time I turned around he'd pretend to make snake noises and then say "Did you hear THAT?!" in his most ominous voice. Cutey little cutester.

We got a bit hot and sweaty by the end, but played for almost 2 hours without major discomfort -- I think a change is in the air.

* The playgrounds around here have all had a major upgrade lately. New, cool equipment and they've also put up big sunshades on a lot of them which keeps the equipment and kids much cooler. As we head into Autumn, and the weather allows us to play outside more often, I'm sure we'll be frequenting a lot of the other really nice playgrounds around here -- one of the reasons I'm happy A isn't in school full time yet. And kudos to our local parks dept. who has started to put astroturf around the play areas! No more torn up scruffy grass! No more sandy messes! No more nasty, dirty mulch! No more bugs! I would have thought I'd miss the "natural beauty" of grass/mulch/sand but NO I DO NOT. The astroturf is soft, cushy, stays cool on little feet and hands, is way cleaner than grass, and I'm sure they save a fortune on maintenance. And as this is Florida, if you want nature there's plenty of other places to see it. (Start with our yard featuring $2000 worth of dying sod. Hmpf.)

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Anonymous said...

Got to be waaaay better than that shredded tire mulch that leaves the kids covered in black smudges everywhere!