Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Summer in the air

In typical Florida fashion, we have fast-forwarded through spring and got right down to summer. Which is A-OK with me, because it means more time playing in the yard after dinner, more grilling, more sleeping in and more free time with the kids. I love lazing around the house, baking or playing or hanging out. I hate rushing places and feeling like we're always doing something. That said, I don't believe in being completely lazy, so Dagny will be attending Vacation Bible School, two weeks of tennis camp and a one week art camp. But those are all morning activities, so we'll have the rest of the day to hang out.

My big summer activity? The high schools in my hometown are having a summer reunion for anyone graduating 1981-1986. It's at the end of July and since I haven't attended a reunion yet, I'm looking forward to it!

Only one short month of school left! Hurrah!

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