Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My ultimate Mother's Day

Mr. J doesn't read my blog and he's not the most, um, intuitive guy out there so I'm gonna have to drop some pretty blatant hints in the next four days. But here's my idea for the Perfect Mother's Day:

1) Let me sleep in. Please. It's a FREE present and one I will cherish. This was the only thing I asked for my birthday* last year and Mr. J turned me down flat. Basically he'd rather buy me a really expensive dinner than get the kids up (granted at the crack of dawn since they wake pretty early) and give them breakfast.

Tahdah! Yes people, that's it. I don't really need anything and most things I want I just buy for myself anyway. So the gift of sleep IS the ultimate Mother's Day gift for me. The gift of sleep and not having to wrangle food into Anders who is the WORLD'S WORST EATER and now is getting picky about his cereal too.

And if someone wants to grill me some lamb chops and tasty spring veggies and serve it to me on the porch along with a very limey g&t, well, that would be nice too.

*I asked for it again at Christmas though and this time I got it.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Another husband who doesn't read his wife's blog, huh? What's up with that??

Hope you get everything you want for Mother's Day! I'd like one of those g&t's too.