Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four years

I started this blog four years ago (almost to the day, but of course I forgot my actual anniversary) as a way to keep in touch with my family and friends while we spent a couple of months in the Balkans. Mr. J was working for the Law Firm from Hell, but he was selected to participate in a pro bono project in Pristina, Kosovo and after several months there by himself, we all got lonely for each other so off Dagny & I went! It was a wonderful experience and the Balkans, being utterly off the beaten track, were truly an unspoiled travelers paradise. I loved almost every minute of our time there, not the least because of some of the incredible side trips we took. One of my favorite trips was to Lake Ohrid, Macedonia - incredible medieval village with the most splendid icy-cold lake. We also went to Greece and Slovenia and we spent some time in Budapest so Mr. J could relive his wild bachelor days - HA! just kidding we actually spent most of the time there enjoying the awesome Four Seasons hotel and staying up until 10 at night eating pastries at Gerbeaud and feeding Dagny decadent European ice cream which is about as unlike his wild bachelor days as you could imagine.

Mr J & Dagny, Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Prizren, Kosovo

Extremely fatigued in Thessaloniki, Greece

Cafe Gerbeaud, Budapest, Hungary

Just looking at these pictures brings back all the memories. And look how tiny Dagny was... where has the time gone?!

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Scott Williams said...

Wonderful photos. Nice to see all of you.