Thursday, May 21, 2009

One more thing....

"One more thing..." is my catchphrase this time of year. As the school year winds down and summer plans ramp up and it seems like every person you see wants a check for something or the other (including me, see below). I'm. Over. It. I want summer to be here and to not get up at 5:45 and to not have to make another bag lunch for three months. I need my vacation.

On top of it all, Mr. J has been wicked busy at work and is away at least two nights a week. I know I'm not a single mom, but those parents who are, for whatever circumstances, and are handling things alone have ALL my respect. Good for you being there for your kids. Especially when I, a happily married woman, can barely hold it together some nights and have to resist with all my might the temptation to let the kids eat Cheerios and red velvet cupcakes for dinner.

But my commitments for the year are winding down. I've only a few more things (I think) on my plate.

I wrapped up my Junior League responsibilities a few weeks ago thank goodness. My status in the League allows me to opt out of a placement next year, so I'm taking a break from committee meetings. With Anders in preschool 3 mornings a week I'm planning on taking some time for myself!

Tonight is the last Daisy meeting of the year -- the girls are bridging to Brownies and I've got 14 packets of paperwork and forms to assemble this morning. Then it's over to the parish center to decorate the room for the ceremony and ice cream party this afternoon. (All with Anders in tow!) And of course, we're asking for next year's dues to be paid now. I hate, HATE, asking people for money. Even when it's dues for an organization that they've voluntarily joined. I feel like an ATM -- if you look at my checkbook the only checks I've written in the last 3 weeks are to school for various activities, class t-shirts, camps, etc.

We've got two birthday parties this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Next week I have to summer-ize the art room and playrooms - set up craft materials, recycling, summer reading, etc. I will be storing, donating, or tossing most of the approximately 2300 tons of artwork, toys, games, projects, playdoh creations and plastic crap that have accumulated since the beginning of the school year.

Next Friday is Dagny Day. We'll be at school for a couple of hours for the first grade end-of-the-year Author's celebration. Then she's having an end-of-the-year playdate with four (4?! What was I thinking!) friends from school and we also invited them to stay for dinner (more insanity!). I started off all gung-ho thinking I'd make a nice summery meal of homemade fried chicken, waldorf salad and my delicious strawberry ice cream. I've since been informed that Dagny took a poll at school and the girls would rather have Kraft Mac n' Cheese and cupcakes. Fine. Whatever. They're still getting waldorf salad.

I'm having a red velvet cupcake for breakfast.

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Scott Williams said...

Now do all that and have a separate full-time job. Come can do it.